Calligra is now Active !!

[update] Steps to build have been updated, please note the new cmake flags

Its been quite some time since I started working on a QtQuick GUI for Calligra targeted for mobile devices.

Being available on a spectrum of devices has been one of the goals Calligra had, from the very beginning. We even had awesome releases of FreOffice - Calligra running on Maemo Fremantle with full blown support for viewing and editing supported documents.

The next step in our endaevour is Calligra Active, which was started as Calligra Mobile under a project supported by a collaboration between Nokia and Visvesvaraya Technological University. With continous support from the community, we have finally reached our first milestone - a QML GUI which can be used to view office documents (Text Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations).

Without further delay, I present some screenshots (these are running on my desktop machine, as I am still not successful in compiling it for my N900, which is the only touch device I have) -

Home Screen (Type filters, and Recent Documents)

Presentation View (The navigation fades off when in case of inactivity)

Text Document View

Spreadsheet View


If you find it interesting, please try it out-

  • Get the Calligra sources from
  • While running cmake, pass -DTINY=ON to enable building active
  • Once its built, run kbuildsycoca4
  • Finally, run calligraactive /path/to/document
  • The application will keep saving a list of recent files so if you run calligra-active without any arguments, you will see, on the right hand pane, a list of recent documents. The list can be further filtered to only one type of document using the buttons in the left pane

While its on a working stage for viewing stuff, there's a lot of stuff to be done on modularizing the code, and adding support for editing. So if you feel this is exciting, that you can make a difference, please contribute. We are there on Freenode at #Calligra, #CalligraMobile, and #active. See you there smiley

In the end, thanks again to everyone who helped, starting from Suresh and Mani for the idea way back in January to Boudewijn and Arjen Hiemstra throughout the process, and everyone else in the Calligra team. You guys rock!

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