Akademy 2013 and la experiencia

[update: earlier, this was accidentally posted incomplete, this version is the complete one]

This year's gearheads' meetup was in Bilbao which is located in the Basque Country in Spain. The talks were very good and gave a good idea of whats going around in the Qt and KDE worlds. There were people taking Qt to new platforms and others getting your contacts more organized.

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I'm going to Akademy 2013 !

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Using QtMobility on SailfishOS SDK

Jolla's SailfishOS SDK was released quite some time back for Linux, OSX and Windows. I had tried it once during that time but only compiled some sample apps until I found some time recently to port one of my N9/Harmattan apps to Sailfish/Nemo.

The problem

The app needed to use the device's GPS system to know its coordinates for which I used QtMobility's location API. However, when trying to compile, the SDK wasn't able to find the QGeoPositionInfoSource header and I found that it was really missing from the SDK's include dir. In fact, the whole QtMobility module was missing.

The solution

SailfishOS SDK doesn't contain QtMobility by default, you have to install it manually. Luckily the SailfishOS SDK control center makes it easy.

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KDE Meetup at DAIICT Gandhinagar was Amazing

Last weekend, the KDE community in India organized KDE Meetup at DAIICT, Gandhinagar. There were three primary motives behind this-

  • Spread awareness about Open Source software among students
  • Lot of students have misconceptions about real world software (the myth that its very difficult to work on a big project), try to address them
  • Usually all tech conferences, especially FOSS ones are centered around places like Bangalore, Pune etc - give a chance to people in another region

I am happy to announce that the event was a huge success, not just in terms of number but in the quality of response we got and that we met all the three things we wanted to do!

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GNUnify 2013 was awesome

This is a month of FOSS events - and one of them was GNUnify 2013 at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research. There were talks ranging from systems stuff like GCC, about Android hacking to KDE development. We met people from communities of KDE, Mozilla, Wikimedia, friends from RedHat and of course the awesome awesome organizers and volunteers.

It is nice to see a Free Software event like GNUnify to turn into a tradition where teachers and students work hard to create what is rightly said a forum to unite open minds.

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KDE at GNUnify 2013!

In India, KDE awesomeness never stops, and this is going to be the case even at GNUnify 2013 at Pune. GNUnify is hosted every year at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research in Pune and composed of talks and workshops.


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FOSSMeet at NIT Warangal

Ah! It was an exciting weekend, visited National Institute of Technology, Warangal for a talk, and met with ThoughtWorkers from all over India at Goa! smiley

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Activating Calligra, again :)

At Akademy, there were lots of suggestions on how we can improve Calligra Active so that its more usable on tablets. We finally found some success if fixing some parts of the view conversion parts that were broken, and implemented some nifty features-

Switch to page

You can instantly switch to any page in a text document using the page list at the left of the screen.

Text search for text documents

Use the little search bar at the bottom to search through your texts

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printf(“Goodbye world”)

Dennis RitchieFew days back, there was an outbreak in the media - people all around the world were sad about the demise of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. While the world was in grief, no one seemed to care that the one who designed the base that gave us the technology we have, left us - without asking for thanks;

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Software Freedom Day 2011 at BMSCE Bangalore

Who doesn't like pleasant surprises? I got one this September when Vinay S Rao, one of my juniors at my college told me that they will be celebrating Software Freedom Day 2011. I was happy, for the fact that the sprit of Freedom and Openness was still alive in my college, and there are people to carry it forward.

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