Plasma Devel Bangalore Meet at Mantri Square

I met with some of my friends on Sunday for a get together. I realized that all four of us are the only contributors to Plasma from Bangalore, so I thought it will be cool to call it Plasma Devel Bangalore Meet :)

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The Gluon story so far

Beginning of The Plasmoid -

It all started with a GL Applet, one with the ability to provide a OpenGL context in a Plasma applet, put to use. Thanks to Arjen who made some improvments to make it more compatible with some configurations.

The plasmoid then wasn't much fancy, but you could play Invaders on it. I had posted on it here.

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Gluon Player Plasmoid, Yay! It works

Right from the time I found about the Gluon project (which I found on the GSoC ideas page), I've been very excited and having loads of fun with the Gluon team (as usual :)

I'm happy to announce that the Plasmoid has taken its first step, displaying a Gluon example game on an OpenGL rendered Plasma applet. The applet is a Plasma::GLApplet which uses the Gluon Framework to create game graphics and output game audio alongwith support for input.

Here's a screenshot (yes, the transparency is a bug)-

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Added simple Type-and-Select feature to Folderview applet

With the type and select feature implemented in the Folder View Plasma applet, I hope that we finally resolve bug 187241 completely. This makes the applet even more usable than before.

This fix was different in a way that I had my first ever usability discussion with the KDE Usability team over the type and select behavior differing from Dolphin (and in general with anything derived from QAbstractItemView). Finally we concluded that the behavior be modified to match Dolphin's, and thats what the current state is.

The fix will ship with KDE SC 4.5

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Plasmate 0.1-alpha1 release - it feels exciting

(Update: See Yuen Hoe's nice screencast here and Diego's post here).

There are some moments in life which are just too exciting and thrilling. The best of them came just recently - when Plasmate's first release happened.

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Made the Add Applet... panel context menu option to work

Since the new Widgets Explorer was added to Plasma, the Add Widgets... options from the Panel context menu was not working. I thought it might be fixed later because Widgets Explorer was in heavy development.

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When plasma-desktop refused to start automatically

Recently after recompiling my KDE build, I was exploring what has changed in the few weeks when my notebook wasn't with me. Marco is really working hard on the netbook shell and I thought to give it a try. Man, it looks superb and I like that on my notebook :)
Anyway, I switched back to the regular Plasma desktop and after I logged back in, plasma-desktop refused to start automatically. I tried removing my .kde, but no luck.

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Added HOME/END keys navigation support to folder view plasmoid

As pointed out on BUG: 187241 , Folder View applet didn't support navigation using the HOME and END Keyboard keys. Again, this greatly reduced the usability of the applet as a replacement for the normal Desktop.

This revision adds the required support to the applet so that navigation to the first and last icons.

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Home Sweet Home

Back at home atlast, after long exams. Yippee !!

Gotta work to done, especially on Plasmate. Diego and Yuen have done excellent work and its time to join them to make Plasmate rock.

For more information on Plasmate, visit .

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Added Keyboard Navigation to Folder View applet

As pointed out on BUG: 187241 , Folder View applet didn't support navigation using the Keyboard keys, and launching using Enter/Return. This greatly reduced the usability of the applet as a replacement for the normal Desktop.

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