Using QtMobility on SailfishOS SDK

Jolla's SailfishOS SDK was released quite some time back for Linux, OSX and Windows. I had tried it once during that time but only compiled some sample apps until I found some time recently to port one of my N9/Harmattan apps to Sailfish/Nemo.

The problem

The app needed to use the device's GPS system to know its coordinates for which I used QtMobility's location API. However, when trying to compile, the SDK wasn't able to find the QGeoPositionInfoSource header and I found that it was really missing from the SDK's include dir. In fact, the whole QtMobility module was missing.

The solution

SailfishOS SDK doesn't contain QtMobility by default, you have to install it manually. Luckily the SailfishOS SDK control center makes it easy.

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KDE Meetup at DAIICT Gandhinagar was Amazing

Last weekend, the KDE community in India organized KDE Meetup at DAIICT, Gandhinagar. There were three primary motives behind this-

  • Spread awareness about Open Source software among students
  • Lot of students have misconceptions about real world software (the myth that its very difficult to work on a big project), try to address them
  • Usually all tech conferences, especially FOSS ones are centered around places like Bangalore, Pune etc - give a chance to people in another region

I am happy to announce that the event was a huge success, not just in terms of number but in the quality of response we got and that we met all the three things we wanted to do!

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conf.kde.in 2011

conf.kde.in banner


KDE India community has announced its first KDE/Qt conference in India. The 5 day event titled conf.kde.in will be held in March 2011 at the R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore.

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The Gluon story so far

Beginning of The Plasmoid -

It all started with a GL Applet, one with the ability to provide a OpenGL context in a Plasma applet, put to use. Thanks to Arjen who made some improvments to make it more compatible with some configurations.

The plasmoid then wasn't much fancy, but you could play Invaders on it. I had posted on it here.

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Akademy Day4, my Day3 - Excitements

Akademy is getting better day by day, and I still can't believe it when I see awesome people around me :)

Today I was able to meet Ade and Sebas (who gave me a very tight hug) and talk with them a bit while Pradeepto was busy gifting Darjeeling Tea to lots of people. The chocoloates Thomas Thym had got were just awesome and I had to keep my eyes off them so that I didn't finish all of them :P But anyway, there was always free coffee :)


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Hack Fest at Avalanche 2010

I still remember the day when I entered into the hall where hackfest was going to happen in at Genesis 2007. Just like everybody else I though they'll teach how to intrude into others' systems and do other crazy stuff. Little did I realize that it was a day when I was going to change; my way of computing was going to change.

(Here, the word hack will be used as per defined here)

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Drag and Drop in Qt 4.5

Recently I was working on a Qt app requiring Drag and Drop support. The documentation says that to use this on a QWidget, we need to set
I tried that but the cursor still showed the "not -allowed" symbol. This was bit confusing making me think that there's some internal problem. But actually the implementation of the following event handlers is mandatory to make it work-

void Dialog::dragEnterEvent(QDragEnterEvent *event)





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Stray '/' in path when querying MIME url list in Qt Drag and Drop

In Qt, when an object is dropped onto a widget the following event handler is to be used to get the list of URLs of the dropped objects-

void Dialog::dropEvent(QDropEvent *event)


if (mimeData->hasUrls()) {

QList urlList = mimeData->urls();

qDebug() << urlList.at(0).path();



This code, according to the Drop Site example in Qt Demo (see below) should print the filename of the first file dropped.

Following is the output-

1. On Linux

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