KDE at GNUnify 2013!

In India, KDE awesomeness never stops, and this is going to be the case even at GNUnify 2013 at Pune. GNUnify is hosted every year at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies & Research in Pune and composed of talks and workshops.


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Activating Calligra, again :)

At Akademy, there were lots of suggestions on how we can improve Calligra Active so that its more usable on tablets. We finally found some success if fixing some parts of the view conversion parts that were broken, and implemented some nifty features-

Switch to page

You can instantly switch to any page in a text document using the page list at the left of the screen.

Text search for text documents

Use the little search bar at the bottom to search through your texts

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Desktop Summit 2011 Day 1

Today was another exciting day in the Free Software Desktop - The Berlin Desktop Summit 2011 - The meetup of KDE and GNOME contributors (yes, where the gearheads meet smiley).

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Gluon GSoC update

(Quite some time since I last blogged, have been busy with life's "last exams" and a project work demonstration in which the examiner says I need to relax and enjoy more. Yeah, right cheeky)

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Calligra is now Active !!

[update] Steps to build have been updated, please note the new cmake flags

Its been quite some time since I started working on a QtQuick GUI for Calligra targeted for mobile devices.

Being available on a spectrum of devices has been one of the goals Calligra had, from the very beginning. We even had awesome releases of FreOffice - Calligra running on Maemo Fremantle with full blown support for viewing and editing supported documents.

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Why conf.kde.in

With all of the foss-y events going on, its been an exciting month, and will be so for the month to come. Most of you would have heard about conf.kde.in this year, and some wondering what its all about. Thats what this post is all about.

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conf.kde.in 2011

conf.kde.in banner


KDE India community has announced its first KDE/Qt conference in India. The 5 day event titled conf.kde.in will be held in March 2011 at the R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore.

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Plasma Devel Bangalore Meet at Mantri Square

I met with some of my friends on Sunday for a get together. I realized that all four of us are the only contributors to Plasma from Bangalore, so I thought it will be cool to call it Plasma Devel Bangalore Meet :)

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The Gluon story so far

Beginning of The Plasmoid -

It all started with a GL Applet, one with the ability to provide a OpenGL context in a Plasma applet, put to use. Thanks to Arjen who made some improvments to make it more compatible with some configurations.

The plasmoid then wasn't much fancy, but you could play Invaders on it. I had posted on it here.

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Akademy Day5, my Day4 - Devices, Specs and Pics

Today was a rather productive day as I sat with Leinir and Arjen, hacking on Gluon (while Sacha was trying to get his Qt Creator to work with his N900) and as a result, the comments model is now editable :)

As mentioned in my previous blog post, the Gluon Team has received a Nokia N97 mini for testing Gluon Player o S60 platform. Though we currently are focusing more on Maemo/MeeGo devices, we'll be very excited to bring the social gaming experience to Symbian.


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