In other words, how to throttle and limit bandwidth that Skype uses on your Linux box.

The Problem

I use Skype to talk to few friends and relatives who won't use anything else and Hangouts isn't that convenient anyway. The problem is that there is no way on the Linux client to limit the bandwidth usage, in my case it ends up uploading way too high quality video than required. I had to limit it.

Lately, Docker has been creating a lot of fuss and I decided to give it a try. The website was easy to follow and the hello world example easy to setup.

[update: earlier, this was accidentally posted incomplete, this version is the complete one]

This year's gearheads' meetup was in Bilbao which is located in the Basque Country in Spain. The talks were very good and gave a good idea of whats going around in the Qt and KDE worlds. There were people taking Qt to new platforms and others getting your contacts more organized.

I am pleased to announce that I have teamed up with Packt Publishing to organize a giveaway especially for you. Four lucky winners stand a chance to win few copies of the book. Keep reading to find out how you can be among the lucky ones.


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